Privacy Policy :

Loans For DSS is 100% dedicated to maintain the confidentiality of all personal details given by the applicants. If you are doubted about the confidentiality of all your necessary details, you are requested to read this page to get an idea about our policies. We should have a look at this page before making the application.

The privacy policies at Loans For DSS are as follows:

  • We maintain the data protection act 1998 and as per the act, we are dedicated to maintain the secrecy of necessary details of our customers. But in case any data cannot be secret due to some technical fault, then Loans For DSS must not be accused of the fault.
  • Protecting applicants' important details like their names, mail ids, addresses, social security numbers etc. from any type of illegal access is a major concern for Loans For DSS. Just for that, we offer password facility to everyone. It is suggested to choose the password with proper care and must not disclose it.
  • The possibility of visiting the site without providing any personal information is available for everyone. We do not ask visitors to give any personal information at the time of visiting the site. The details we get about our customers are given by our customers only.
  • We, at Loans For DSS are not indulged in the activities like selling or disclosing the valuable information of customers to others. We may share our customers' information with various lenders just because of finding them a suitable deal. In case of any requirement, this information can be shared with third party as well.

Loans For DSS enjoys the right of changing the privacy policy without any prior notice. So, it is advisable to be aware of any modification in this page. 

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