Loans for people on benefit

23 November 2012

Money is equally important for everybody. Whether it be people who are unemployed, people who have a steady source of income or people who are on DSS assistance. While some people can get extra cash instantly showing their employment status, banks fail to understand that people on DSS may also need loans. This is where DSS loans, specially made for people on DSS, come in.

There are hundred different reasons why you may need to get some extra cash for your monthly expenditure. Given, that you manage your expenses well, but cash needs have an ugly habit of springing up when you are hoping for the month to scrape by. So that car needs a repair, the pipe needs fixing and that credit card agency just won't stop badgering you.

This is when you could do with some extra cash from a loan arranger or a lender. You can apply online for the loan, logging in and filling out a easy form. Basic details are required and the application process is free. You don’t have to fax any document, which makes the loan process that much simpler, and there is no require for collateral either. If you are worried about your credit score you can stop worrying. No credit checks are performed and people with poor credit scores can also avail loans.

The amount of the loan will be decided by the lender based on your requirement and your repayment capacity, and they will also fix flexible repayment duration for you.

Your only eligibility criteria for availing DSS loans are that you need to be a resident of UK and have a bank account. You also need to have been on benefit for at least 6 months prior to applying for the loan.

Your loan application is processed quickly and you can get the money instantly without wasting any time.


DSS loans are for people who are on benefit for at least 6 months. Credit checks are not done and there is no need to fax any document or furnish collateral.

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